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Our innovative tools & process have been developed to streamlined communication and prioritize feedback to help your team efficiently address review findings.

Industry-Leading Review Reports

Advanced reporting and prioritized feedback

How to best leverage the embedded intelligence within your review report and deliverables to effectively address review findings.

Discipline Overlays
We utilize an intuitive layer management system for overlays enabling users to isolate relevant discipline scope for each comment.
Priority Level Comments
All-new priority levels help provide a hierarchy as to which comments should be addressed first, with level 3 being the most critical.
Comment Categories
Our categorized comments enable our clients to quickly sort and filter comments based on the type of issue being highlighted.
Discipline Tags
All comments are tagged by the various disciplines potentially impacted, which helps streamlining the coordination process.
Time Estimates
Our review team assigns time estimates for each comment as to how long they anticipate it will take the production team to address.
Keyword Search
All digital mark-ups enable your team to quickly search through all the review comments based on relevant key words.
Our Review Package

Understanding your review deliverables

When your review is complete, the following review deliverables will be available for download within your review report. Individual reviews may include different combinations of deliverables as defined upfront in the review proposal.

Drawing Set Mark-Ups

The drawing set mark-ups are the primary deliverable for all of our reviews. All review comments are made directly within the drawing set PDF as interactive call-outs. Consultant drawings that have been strategically overlaid within the corresponding architectural drawings can be easily managed utilizing layer controls.

Review Analytics

Our custom review analytics are based on meta data extracted from your review findings, and present a series of graphs that visually communicate the underlying trends discovered within your project's documentation. Each interactive graph seeks to answer a corresponding question that can help prioritize your team's efforts in resolving the outstanding issues in the most efficient manner possible.

Top Ten
Critical Findings

The top ten critical findings are a convenient action item list of critical issues discovered by the review team that will have the most significant impact on either the project budget or schedule if not resolved within the documentation.   Without even opening the drawing mark-ups, your team can immediately understand the project’s biggest exposure points and prioritize the team’s efforts moving forward.

Review Comments

The comments section of your review report is a fully interactive spreadsheet of all your review findings. These comments are extracted directly from the drawing set mark-ups and include all corresponding metadata. Using the custom filtering, your team can quickly sort the review findings based on "Comment Categories", "Discipline Tags", and "Priority-Levels". Keyword search is also available.

Inspection Checklist

The inspection checklist is an extensive list our team has developed over the years of industry standards and conventions that are generally universal to any project type.  These are tried and true documentation “best-practices" that help ensure your documentation is clear and concise.  We use this list as a kick-off point for our review teams as it provides a great base-line for any drawing set review.
Client-Focused Web App

A powerful platform to streamline collaboration

Our industry-leading client web app provides a seamless platform to track and manage all your team’s project reviews.  Beyond our expert technical reviews, our review reports have been specifically designed to streamline communication, providing priority-based feedback to ensure high-ticket issues are addressed first.

5 Stage Review Process

A transparent schedule to track your review’s progress.

Every review performed by CHECKSET undergoes a series of predetermined stages designed to ensure the highest quality work product possible. Review schedules are established upfront within each review proposal.

Initial Setup
Report Prep
Proposal Dev.
Pending Mob.
Review In Progress
Final Invoice
01  -  Proposal Development
Once we receive the latest project documents from your team (unless unavailable) we will prepare and issue our preliminary, recommended proposal typically within (24) hours of the initial request.
02  -  Pending Mobilization
Further adjustments can be made to the proposal scope to align our teams. To advance the review, the following next steps need to be completed by the client: proposal execution, mobilization invoice processing, and document confirmation.
03  -  Review In Progress
Once mobilized, the lead reviewer will select a review team based on their experience in relation to the specific project. All reviews undergo (5) steps: Document Preparation & Staging, Preliminary Review, Secondary Review, Internal QA/QC, and Report Packaging.
04  -  Final Invoice
Once the review report has been posted, the final invoice for the outstanding 50% of the review fee will issued. The invoice will be posted within the Invoices tab of the Review Report along with a separate invoicing email.
05  -  Complete
Once the final invoice payment is received, the review status will automatically be updated to Complete. No further action is required by the client and the review report will remain accessible within the web app.

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