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Comprehensive Reviews: An Investment in Quality

The most rigorous and complete review available to ensure the highest quality of documentation.
Brian Novello
February 18, 2022

Discover Issues Before They Become Problems

For when quality is paramount, there is no strategy better than a comprehensive review.  Unlike a limited review that reduces the review scope to meet a desired budget or schedule constraint, a comprehensive review enables the highest level of care. During a comprehensive review, our team of industry-leading experts meticulously inspect your project documentation to ensure they demonstrate the "Four C's" as defined by Construction Specifications Institute: Clear, Complete, Correct, and Concise.

A comprehensive review is arguably the most effective risk reduction and cost saving strategy available for project stakeholders.  A dollar spent identifying issues in design will save a hundred dollars in the field.

This detailed process starts as early as the proposal development stage when your team’s lead reviewer makes an assessment of your project’s level of development and complexity.  Typically comprehensive reviews are recommended during the construction documents phase when no previous reviews have been performed by our team. Based on the assessment, our team will allocate the required hours to each of the four review types: Regulatory, Discipline Coordination, Constructability & Completeness, and Specification Review.  As always, your team will have the ability to further customize the review scope within the proposal, although any scope reduction will result in a “Limited” review as opposed to “Comprehensive”. For a comprehensive review, the following deliverables are standard:

  • Score & Analytics
  • Top Ten Critical Findings
  • Drawing Mark-Ups
  • CS-07 Inspection Checklist
  • Specification Mark-Ups

Once the review is mobilized, your team’s lead reviewer will assemble a team of expert’s to perform focused reviews based on their individual expertise. Each reviewer will be selected based on their professional experience in relation to your specific project’s scope.

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