Three-Tier Priority Levels For Review Comments

An all new priority levels to help ensure your team addresses high-ticket issues first.
Brian Novello
August 17, 2022

Priority Levels

All-new priority levels help provide hierarchy for our clients as to which comments should be addressed first. For larger reviews which often involve thousands of comments, the ability focus the comments based on priority levels help make resolving issues more achievable and strategic, particularly when there are schedule limitations. The three-level approach provides more granularity than the previous “Critical Comment” tag which was very binary.

Level 03 - Critical Priority

This priority level is reserved for the most critical issues that have been tagged for immediate attention. Issues that are identified as Level 03 will have substantial and direct impacts on the project’s budget or schedule if not resolved within the documentation or will lead to long-term liability exposures such as non-compliant code issues. These issues will most likely result in a change-order during construction. Level 03 comments will likely be included as part of the “Top Ten Critical Findings” list compiled by the lead reviewer.

Level 02 - Moderate Priority

Mid-level issues that would likely result in an RFI during construction. These comments may relate to building performance issues as they relate to project detailing or scope that has not been fully coordinated between consultants, perhaps missing or under documented, but not necessarily conflicting.  Missing exit signs on an RCP, missing floor drains on a slab plan, thermal bridging issues within a detail, are all examples of Level 02 issues.

Level 01 - Low Priority

These represent comments that are relatively minor in their overall impact on the project’s success. Examples of this would be issues such as mislabeled drawings, missing keynotes, missing sheet legend items, etc.  Often times comments that are categorized as “Documentation Issues” fall into Level 01 priority.

Comments tab from within your review report.

From within your Review Report on our web app, you’ll be able to filter and sort all your comments based on these priority levels.   To view any specific priority level, you can simply select the desired level from the tabs along the top fo the comments page. 

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