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Comment Categories Explained

Understanding CHECKSET's Structured Feedback
Brian Novello
November 11, 2023


At CHECKSET, we understand the critical importance of feedback in driving project success. To simplify your path towards excellence, we've introduced CHECKSET Comment Categories – a practical tool designed to enhance your project management experience. This white paper is your comprehensive resource, shedding light on the capabilities of comment categories, illustrating how they synchronize with project milestones, and demonstrating their role in maximizing the impact of your project.

Understanding Comment Categories

Comment Categories are a dynamic tool that empowers you to filter and organize review feedback with precision and purpose. They serve as a compass, guiding you to focus your efforts where they matter the most. From early stages to final milestones, comment categories pave the way for strategic project management.

The Strategic Benefits of Comment Categories

Adapting your strategy to target specific facets of your project enhances both efficiency and effectiveness. CHECKSET Comment Categories offer you the means to synchronize your actions with impending project milestones, ensuring your resources are concentrated where they generate the most substantial impact. For example, if your team is gearing up for a permit submission, concentrating on addressing "Building Code" and "Accessibility (ADA)" issues is paramount. These categories align with the primary concerns of the local jurisdiction having authority, ensuring a seamless permit review process. In this way, comment categories serve as your strategic companion, guiding you towards project success.

Exploring Each Comment Category

  1. Building Code: This category spotlights potential code-related issues or violations. Clear and actionable, comments in this category include the specific code and section for easy verification. It's reserved for code violations or non-compliant matters that demand immediate attention
  2. Accessibility (ADA): Here, you'll find comments related to accessible design standards. If it's an accessibility detail drafting error that doesn't affect compliance, it might fall under "Documentation Issue.
  3. Constructability: This category delves into detailing logic, construction sequencing, and the practicality of your project. It encompasses assemblies, exterior envelopes, and considerations for water leaks, air infiltration, and material compatibility. It's the go-to category for identifying missing elements in a detail.
  4. Discipline Coordination: In this category, comments revolve around content conflicts or gaps stemming from consultant scope. These comments emphasize the need for coordination between the architect and design consultants.
  5. Documentation Issue: Drafting conventions and drawing legibility take center stage here. From incorrect tags to overlapping content, this category addresses issues that impact the clarity and accuracy of your drawings.
  6. Recommendation: Suggestions for alternative methods and best practices reside in this category. Value engineering opportunities that maintain design intent but enhance efficiency are perfect examples.

Integrating Comment Categories into Your Workflow

Accessing Comment Categories on the Web App: In the "Comments" section of our web app, comment categories are visibly displayed. The "filter" function lets you narrow your focus, streamlining your review process.

Harnessing the Power of Comment Categories in Bluebeam: When using Bluebeam, comment categories enhance your drawing set mark-ups. Each call-out's properties showcase the comment category, enabling sorting and filtering within the mark-up panel.


With CHECKSET Comment Categories, your project journey transforms from intricate to intuitive. By focusing on specific facets aligned with your project's phase, you enhance your project management strategy. As you incorporate comment categories into your workflow, you're poised to achieve greater efficiency, quality, and project success.

Experience the potential of CHECKSET Comment Categories and navigate your project's path with purpose. For further details and to explore how comment categories elevate your projects, reach out to us at [] or visit our website [].

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