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What Is Needed For A Review Proposal?

Understand the proposal process and how to customize your review scope.
Brian Novello
September 20, 2021

Getting Started

Any time your team is interested in having a free, custom-review proposal developed, all we ask is that you share with us the latest set of documents you have available.  Whenever possible, please include all consultant drawing packages as well as the project specifications.  These documents can be shared via the “New Project” button at the top of the left-side navigation bar.

Alternatively, should your team use your own file transfer protocol such as Newforma, Sharefile, Dropbox, etc., feel free to email a download link directly to your individual CheckSET Representative.  

When completing the proposal request, you will have the opportunity to select your desired review scope.  This will include the following options:

  • Regulatory Review
  • Discipline Coordination
  • Constructability & Completeness
  • Specification Review

Any additional instruction or feedback can be provided within the “Additional Notes” field of the form. Upon submission, our team will follow-up with a confirmation email.

Once we receive the documents, our team will make an assessment of the project scope based on the project’s current level of development and other projects of similar scale and scope we’ve reviewed in the past.  Our team will then issue our recommended proposal for discussion which will include a breakdown of how many hours we’re allocating to each different type of review and the overall review schedule.  All review proposals are fixed-fee.

Further Proposal Customization

Our recommended proposals act as alignment tools; project teams are free to modify the review scope as they see fit to best satisfy their budgetary and schedule needs. There is no one-size fits all when it comes to peer reviews since no two projects are exactly the same, so we encourage project team's to custom tailor our review services to best match your distinct project needs.

Once our team’s are aligned on the review scope, we can typically mobilize the review team as early as the next business day.   ‍

Can proposals be developed without drawings?

Short answer: Yes.  Oftentimes our clients like to budget our fee well before the contract documents have been developed.  In these cases, we ask that you share any available scoping information about the project, and our team will prepare an initial review estimate.  Once the documents intended for review are developed and shared, our team will then issue a formal review proposal for signature.

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