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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hybrid teams of on-staff architects and highly vetted, independent contractors provide the diverse experience, local knowledge, and flexibility to properly review nearly any project.

Can our team customize the review proposal?
Our preliminary proposals act as alignment tools; project teams are free to modify the review scope as they see fit to best satisfy their budgetary and schedule needs.  There is no one-size fits all when it comes to peer reviews since no two projects are exactly the same, so we encourage project team's to custom tailor our review services to best match your distinct project needs.
Can proposals be developed without drawings?
Short answer: Yes.  Often times our clients like to include our fee as part of their client proposal well before the contract documents have been developed.  In these cases, we ask that you share any available information about the project, and our team will prepare an initial review estimate that will be reconfirmed at the time of review.
What if we have questions about the findings?
After receiving a review, project teams often have follow-up questions regarding our expert's findings. Whether you are unsure how to proceed, wish to discuss a code interpretation, or interested in work shopping a condition, our professionals are available for virtual-meetings with our on-going clients.
How much does a review cost?
There is no one-size fits all when it comes to peer reviews since no two projects are exactly the same, so we develop custom proposals for every project.  All we ask is you share with us the latest drawing set and our team will develop a recommended preliminary proposal.  This document will include a breakdown of the proposed hours based on review scope, as well as a submission schedule.
How much lead time is required?
Review proposals are typically prepared within 24 hours of a request, and once aligned, review teams can mobilize as early as the next business day.  With a 100% utilization rate, your firm only pays for the agreed upon review time, with no overhead or associated downtime.
Do you have local experience?
Hybrid staffing solutions enable local experience on a nationwide scale.  By pairing our full-time staff reviewers with independent contractors from a network of licensed architects, review teams can benefit from knowledgeable understanding of local AHJs (authorities having jurisdiction) and the broader construction market of the region.  For instance, should a project be based in Boston, at least one member of that review team will be from the region and familiar with the local building codes and amendments.
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