How You Benefit

the most cost effective
risk reduction strategy

Improved Fiscal Performance
Avoid hard & soft cost overruns by identifying issues before they become problems onsite.
Streamlined Schedules
Avoid costly construction delays by reducing unnecessary RFI’s and change orders.
Unbiased Feedback
An independent reviewer provides unbiased, expert feedback while offering best practices.
Maintain Design Intent
When avoidable drawing errors result in cost overruns, design features are typically the first to be sacrificed as a result of VE.
Protect your Reputation
Maintain your firm’s positive reputation while feeling confident about your work product.
Peace of Mind
No longer rely on after-hours reviews or staffing shortages to to limited your team’s quality control.
Protect your GMP
Avoid hard/soft cost overruns by identifying issues before they become problems onsite.
Advanced Preconstruction
In depth review-teams highlight embedded issues that would otherwise impede construction.
Competitive Bidding Edge
Supplement your bid with a critical issues list of high-ticket problems discovered within documents.
Our Commitment

Unbiased, constructive feedback & confidence.

An independent reviewer is unbiased by the project's design development and therefore can recognize gaps in documentation missed by the project team. Our expert can recognize your design intent and will be able to share useful observations about the documents to facilitate your effective completion of the documents for bidding and construction.

Additional Benefits

Developed for teams
who demand quality

How to best leverage the embedded intelligence within your review report and deliverables to effectively address review findings.

On-Demand Expertise
Instantly access licensed, industry veterans when your projects require review without the need for hiring, managing, and scaling.
Nationwide Local Experience
With a distributed team, we offer meaningful experience across the nation, including local AHJs (authorities having jurisdiction).
No Cost Proposals
Our team will work with you to develop a custom review proposal that matches your project's budget and schedule.
Prioritized Feedback
Not all review comments have the same impact. We provide a clear hierarchy of comments to ensure high-ticket items are identified.
Flexible Scheduling
With minimal lead times, proposals are typically provided the same business day and we often can offer next day mobilizations.
Team-Based Reviews
Based on your project's scope, the lead reviewer selects a team of 4-7 experts who focused reviews of your project.

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