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The Difference Between a Review Estimate and Proposal

A transparent proposal development process ensures our teams are fully aligned.
Brian Novello
October 13, 2021

The first stage of any project review is the proposal development. Depending on the intended start date of the review and the current status of the project documentation, our team will issue either a review estimate or a formal review proposal for signature.

Proposal Scenario

Formal review proposals are issued when your team intends to start the review within the next (5) business days and you have the latest documents (drawings and/or specifications) intended for review available to share.

Estimate Scenario

Estimates are issued when the intended review start date is more than (5) business day away or if the shared documents are not the versions intended for review.  For instance, if your team shares with us a set of Design Development (DD) drawings, but are looking to have a CD-level review performed in a month, we would issue an estimate.  A sheet count multiplier will be utilized to generate an anticipated sheet count to account for the increase in documentation scope, adjusted for the development phase differential.   An estimate fee and approximate review schedule will be included in the estimate.

When your team has the revised documents intended for review available to share, we will issue a formal proposal for signature based on the initial estimate while incorporating any changes in anticipated scope.   The review schedule will also be determined based on the current capacity of our review team.

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