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Expect Quality,
Demand Better

Actionable insights from expert peer reviews that reduce embedded risk & improve project quality for developers, contractors, & architects alike.

Our Mission

You deserve a better review process; a reliable workflow for reducing your risk and preserving your vision.

We recognize that the building industry is increasingly fragmented and faces volatile parameters including shifting budgets, aggressive schedules, and unpredictable jurisdictions. We developed our service to accommodate these factors while providing vital feedback to identify documentation issues before they become expensive, reputation-damaging mistakes.

An independent reviewer is unbiased by the project's design development and can recognize gaps in documentation missed by the project team. With a singular focus on QA/QC, we have become in the industry-leading experts in peer review; redefining both the level of service, and the mode of communication.

Our Team

Meet the experts
who work for you

Hybrid teams of on-staff architects and highly vetted, independent contractors provide the diverse experience, local knowledge, and flexibility to properly review nearly any project.

Full-Time Employees

Our elite team of veteran, licensed architects have developed unique insights to QA/QC having performed reviews across the entire building industry.


Independent Contractors

Our nationwide network of highly-vetted, licensed experts help us provide meaningful local experience in most jurisdictions. These experts are typically:

  • Semi-Retired
  • Self-Employed
  • Family Leave
  • Medical Leave
  • Part-Time
  • Recently Retired

We work with the
building industry’s
top companies

Our team supports the top developers, architects, and construction management firms from across the building industry.

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Core Principles

The values that drive
everything we do

Provide Real Value

We always aim to maximize the ROI of any review by identifying avoidable high-ticket issues within your project.

Client Focused Services

We value our relationship with our clients- how we interact with them through our services reflect that.

Keep It Simple

Our emphasis is always on making our service as clear and easy to use as possible.

Consistency is King

We aim for consistent, high-quality reviews that make it easy for our clients to return to us.

Trust & Transparency

Trust is hard to build - and easy to lose. We aim to build lasting relationships with all our clients.

We are Different

We have reinvented the peer review process and we're excited to demonstrate our value.

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