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The 5 Stages of Review Defined

A transparent schedule to track your project’s progress.
Brian Novello
December 14, 2021

Every review performed by CHECKSET undergoes a series predetermined of stages designed to ensure the highest quality work product possible.  Within the “Schedule” tab of your Project Report, you can track your review’s progress as it advances through each step.  In total, there are 12-steps categorized within chronological five stages:

Proposal Development

  • Review Proposal Requested: The first step of any review is when the client initially solicits a review proposal. This request can be made through our web app or by emailing a CHECKSET representative directly.

  • Proposal Issued: Once CHECKSET receives the latest project documents from your team (unless unavailable) we will prepare and issue our preliminary, recommended proposal typically within (24) hours of the initial request.

Pending Mobilization

Once the proposal is issued, the review schedule advances to “Pending Mobilization”. It is important to note that no review services will begin during the “Pending Mobilization” stage.  The follow steps are action items required by the client to proceed with the review:

  • Review Proposal Executed: Upon receiving the review proposal, the client has the opportunity to further customize the review scope or accept the recommendation.  Once our team’s are aligned on the proposal, we ask that you digitally sign and return the proposal.  Upon receipt, we will return the fully-executed proposal for your records.

  • Mobilization Invoice Processed: Kindly let us know when the 50% mobilization payment is processed for the mobilization invoice (a scan of both sides of the check before mailing, notification of wire transfer, or written confirmation of payment processing).

  • Project Documents Confirmed for Review: As a final check and balance, we require our clients to confirm the project documents our team have are the latest drawings or specifications available. Frequently production teams release revised packages in the interim period between the initial proposal request and when the client is ready to proceed with the review. To avoid any miscommunication, our clients are always asked to confirm.

Review In Progress

  • Review Mobilized: Following our receipt of the signed review proposal and confirmation of the mobilization invoice and documents, the review will mobilize the following business day (unless noted otherwise). The mobilization date is the starting point for the prescribed review schedule as defined within the review proposal. The submission deadline is set by the number of business days indicated within the proposal from the mobilization date.
  • Document Preparation & Staging: Upcoming project documents are processed by our technical team to provide a consistent, uniform deliverable.  Individual drawing sets are compiled into a single PDF, with formatted sheet labels and corresponding bookmarks.  Consultant drawings are then systematically overlaid within the corresponding architectural drawings, utilizing layer controls for easy management.

  • Preliminary Review Phase:  Based on the hour allocations indicated within the executed review proposal, your project’s lead reviewer will delegate specific focuses to select experts matched to your project’s typology and location.

  • Secondary Review Phase: Additional review hours are distributed to the review team based on areas of deficiency within the project documents identified within the previous review phase that require closer inspection.

  • Internal QA/QC & Report Packaging:  Once each parallel stream of review is complete, each individual expert will present their findings back to the Lead Reviewer who is responsible for validating and coordinating all the comments as a final check.   Once finalized, the embedded metadata from the review findings are extracted and processed within our web application and scoring algorithms.  The review report and deliverables are staged for final approval by the lead review and operations team before issuance.

  • Review Deliverables Issued: Upon issuance, the full (8) tab review report will be accessible within your “Projects” page, which will include all deliverable indicated within the review proposal. All client team members will receive an automated email indicating the review report has been posted.

Final Invoice

  • Final Invoice: Once the review report has been issued, the project will automatically progress into the Final Invoice stage. Our team will issue the final invoice for the outstanding 50% of the review fee at this time. The invoice will be posted within the Invoices tab of the Review Report along with a separate invoicing email.


  • Complete: Once the payment for the final invoice is received, the review status will automatically be updated to Complete. No further action is required by the client and the project review report will remain accessible through the web application.

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