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Why We No Longer Provide Back-Checks

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Brian Novello
January 5, 2022

Important Service Update

As of this past month, our operation's team has opted to phase out back-check reviews from our service offering. To effectively determine if a flagged issue has been properly addressed requires first-hand, project-specific knowledge. The addressed solutions in the revised drawings are often subject to decision-points only a project manager would be aware of due to ongoing client and/or contractor discussions. Therefore, we have found it increasingly difficult to make objective determinations without the greater context of the decision making process.

While we have phased out Back Checks, we understand the value they provided in validating the implementation of the prior review comments. To this end, we recommend "limited reviews" in place of back-checks on a move forward basis.

For these limited reviews, our team will verify the status of the Top Ten items from the previous review phase along with the majority of the critical items. Unlike the back-checks which were limited to binary judgement of "YES" or "NO", a limited-review will provide mark-ups on the drawing set similar to a standard review. These will be best suited for project's with scope that has not been significantly modified or developed since the last round of review.

As this policy change will impact our team's collaboration strategy as previously discussed, we would be happy to schedule a call to make any updates for a move forward strategy. We thank you again for the opportunity to support your team and look forward to many successful future collaborations.

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