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Limited Reviews: Matching Your Project Needs

A move-forward option for projects with budgetary or schedule constraints.
Brian Novello
March 2, 2022

While a comprehensive review offers the best level-of-service available, not all projects can support the required budgetary or schedule investment. Alternatively, not all projects require a comprehensive review. Project teams often are looking to supplement a specific area of deficiency within the documentation and a limited review can provide targeted assistance.

Targeted Approach

One such example of this could be an architect, or Client ‘A’, who regularly works in the same jurisdiction on the same project typology. Client ‘A’ may feel extremely confident with regulatory-related issues given their experience, but acknowledge that they have not had the time to thoroughly examine the consultant drawing packages as they relate to architecture.  With that in mind, when requesting a review proposal, Client ‘A’ can simply note that they are looking for Discipline Coordination and Constructability & Completeness reviews only.  Based on this request, our team will develop a review strategy targeting these focuses.

A second example of a targeted limited review would be if a developer, Client ‘B’, is working on a project within a new jurisdiction. Given the nuances of local code, the project would likely benefit from a Regulatory Review. In strategizing a multi-stage review plan with ‘Client B’, our team would likely recommend a Limited Review at 100% schematic design that focuses on building code compliance, life-safety, and accessibility.

When requesting a proposal, your team can indicate specific review focuses.

Budgetary or Schedule Constraints

The proposal development stage of any project is meant to be an interactive process for our teams to align expectations. When we issue the recommended proposal, we intend it as the start of a conversation. While some teams are able to move forward with the recommended proposal, other projects may have budget restrictions or pressing schedules that can’t accommodate the initial proposal. In these circumstances, our team will work with you to develop a review strategy based on your available resources to maximize the valve of the feedback.  Alternatively, your team can simply indicate the available budget or schedule you have available, CheckSET will reverse-engineer a proposal tailored to your exact specifications.

For reduced fee proposals, or “Limited Reviews”, our team prioritizes our review efforts on high-ticket items, but would not be able to comprehensively review the entire package.  Please note, in an effort to maximize the return on investment, the project deliverables may be limited on a case-by-case basis to provide more review time.  All included deliverables will be clearly indicated within the review proposal.

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